Waho speed Foundation

Wahoo Speed is a Syrian product made with a German technology , that is manufactured and marketed by the Wahoo Speed Foundation since 2015 , holds a German ISO and excellence certificate to meet the highest standards of sterilization and cleaning for the safety of your family at competitive prices and international quality, our products reach all Syrian cities and soon to the global markets at competitive prices , international quality, and record time period .. Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Lattakia, Tartus and Baniyas, and in Lebanon


Waho Speed Products

Laundry and home care cleaning materials: Wahoo Speed is used in the manufacture of cleaning materials for sodium silicate, called "Universal-Waschmittel" and high-precision enzymes according to international standards and includes :

Laundry detergent :
Its unique formula removes stubborn stains and grease stains with fragrant scents while preserving the health and skin of the user and fabric tissues with different economic weights (700 g - 1.5 kg - 2 kg - 4 kg - 8 kg) for different types of regular and automatic washing machines and different temperatures

White and black laundry additives :
Washing bleach is a whitening of pure white to wash white in economic sizes. A cleansing liquid that maintains the luster of colors and protects with its fragrant scent.

PH Hard Surface Cleaners :
In our laboratories, a PH product that measures the degree of alkalinity in hard and difficult dirt has been produced to break it down and return surfaces and floors with a shiny, lustrous scent.

Hand washing liquid and high-cleansing foam :
Which provides sterilization and protection from germs up to 99% in 20 seconds and helps the consumer to use the right amount, as it is economical and friendly to the health and safety of the skin in the first place

Ceramic care materials (chlorine and flash) :
Regardless of the type of stains, the care materials for ceramic from Waho speed break up and dissolve all stains resulting from rust, calcium or lime to provide protection for you and your family.

Dishwashing liquid :
Waho Speed removes contaminated grease, fat and food particles on dishes with high efficiency and rich foam, which gives the dishes a glossy sheen, and also contains Vitamin for the hands to keep it moister ,Waho speed is friendly to health and the environment by not containing chemicals

Fragrant floor cleaning scents :
Hides the effects of unpleasant scents and gives the place pure natural scents

We make our products with love ❤


We work at Wahoo Speed to analyze, follow-up and audit our clients ’needs and support our products with everything that satisfies the customer and meet his needs with the highest standards of quality, safety and sterilization, and this is one of our first goals, vision, mission and values, where we strive for sustainable and profitable growth as we strive to put Our brand is among the leading technologies in the local and global markets. We also set our ambitions to make customers and consumers one of our first concerns and to make our organization more innovative and keep pace with the aspirations of our customers.

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