Moska chips

By the end of 2019, Ryadah corporation for food industries started producing the delicious Moska chips, which are made from the best locally grown potatoes and under the supervision of a specialized team with the best modern technologies, to provide the consumer with this new product that satisfy all ages while maintaining the international standards.
Moska chips changed the concept of potato chips, where instead of using the usual potatoes or fried corn chips, this creative chips were made from natural potatoes with innovative ways, which made it empty from calories, fats, sodium and Preservatives, thus providing you with reasonable prices as well as different sizes.

definitely There’s a good reason on why you must go for Moska chips:

Because it's calories, fat, sodium and Preservatives free, and with real tastes!

Moska Chips products

Potato chips are considered one of the most favorite snacks around the world so we at Moska chips cook the crunchy potato chips on our way and provided you with variety of flavors such as vinegar, salt, pepper, cheese and ketchup.

We make our products with love ❤


At Moska Chips we are confident that nutrition during childhood and adolescence is necessary for growth and health so we keen to provide a product free of calories or added sugars as these foods take up a large part of the daily life of children and adolescents ... even adults.
What most children and teenagers understand and rush to between the main meals is the snack, where we work in Moska chips to be the decision of mothers to choose Moska chips after making sure of its natural nutritional components and to be the most loyal and best friend with him to his school focusing on the taste and quality of its ingredients .
To make chips Moska chips draw its position within the local markets and soon to the neighboring markets, we provided flavors in a different formula and make it a snack that can be consumed at any time of the day.
Our goal is the satisfaction that we can offer to our customers. As something that makes consumers smile, which allows the consumer to find pleasure even in small moments.


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