Our Goal

Create distinct brands to serve the country and the citizen, reaches all over the world . We also strive to achieve our goal of creating modern and advanced production processes for all categories of consumer products with the aim of creating efficient, modern, creative and innovative production facilities that would constitute an international example of excellence in their various products and services.

Our Values


Honesty and integrity

We will achieve our goals through honesty, transparency, and respect for our obligations to customers and partners...


We will provide our customers with high quality products and services and real values.

Customer satisfaction

We gain the loyalty of our customers by maintaining a high level of satisfaction, and following up with their demands and needs.


To establish long-term business partnerships with our clients and customers .

Human Resources

To support and develop our greatest credit , our employees .

kaswara Co. address

  • Tartus
    Al Meena Street


Who We Are

Proceeding from our confidence that the national industry constitutes the nucleus of the national economy and one of its main pillars, Kaswara Trading Group started from the idea of creating an integrated group of industry and trade to serve the citizen, who is one of the most important goal and purpose .
The services provided by Kaswara Trading Group vary between service, commercial and industrial, as it always seeks to import the finest raw materials for its factories through its distinguished trade relations with various friendly countries and from major international companies. It also seeks to highlight the quality of the national product which is manufactured by Syrian hands with high quality and competitive prices, as it works directly to market and export its products through its offices and representatives, without the presence of intermediaries.

  • In 2015

    The Kaswara Trading Group has owned the Riyadh Company for the transportation and shipment of all types of goods and luggage, and the transportation and shipment of all oil derivatives since 2015
  • In 2016

    Kasoura Group launched the United Company for manufacturing materials for the manufacture of high-quality diapers and detergents, which is wiped with German technology in the company's laboratories located in Hama
  • In 2019

    Kaswara trading group, Moska Chips, launched through its Riyadh company for the manufacture of food appetizers, with different flavors and specifications that match international health standards.

Kaswara Trading Group is always striving to provide the best services to its clients, as recently launched a Contracting and Building company based on specialized human cadres and modern equipments to carry out various construction